Lawrence Dwyer, President, aircraft owner, and an avid pilot was approached by a couple of local pilots that own multiple hangars in the area.  They needed to replace worn out, rotted bottom hangar door seals.  They required a product that could seal large and uneven gaps where the concrete had shifted or was uneven.  They had not been able to find reasonably priced, easy to install replacements for the original hangar door seals.

Knowing that I have had a reputable company for 16 years manufacturing all American made products, they contacted me to help them manufacture 18 hangar doors seals initially. Since I already have several connections for sourcing and testing a wide range of outdoor materials, we came up with the best, durable, low cost solution.  To my surprise, while they were installing them, they had numerous fellow pilots and hangar owners express the same need. Several of these interested parties contacted me and immediately purchased door seals ranging from 40' to 65' in length.  Word spread quickly amongst the aviation community, so I decided to expand the availability to fulfill the large demand nationwide.

With the versatility to order the exact length and thickness that you need through our simple, online ORDER form, you'll finally be able to weather proof your hangar again!  

I'm proud to have the opportunity to offer you the solution!  

A simple reliable solution to an age old problem

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Filling The Gap one Hangar at a time