• Raise the hangar door until the bottom is about 4 or 5 feet above the floor and remove original door seal from bottom. Some need to be released by unscrewing the sheet metal and re-securing. In most cases the old seal can be removed with a sharp blade.
  • Most hangar doors have a metal U-shaped securing feature at each end which might mean that you will need to start securing the new door seal about 6 inches from the end. We have supplied extra foam and fabric so that will have extra later to fill in the end gaps.
  • Start at what ever end you are most comfortable with and with the fabric rolled out or held by a friend attach the end of the fabric to the bottom of the door as shown with the first sheet metal screw and washer about 1" from the end and between 1" to 1-1/2" down from the edge.  The finished coated side of the fabric will be exposed as shown. Note, If you are installing alone a couple of clamps such as the one shown can make the install quite a lot easier. Stapling the fabric as you go can help as well but is not necessary.
  • Continue along with the next 3 or 4 screws installing them between 10" to 12" apart. No closer then 10" apart or you might run out.
  • Insert the first 6' length of foam tubing to ensure that you are off to a good start and continue along. Do not get too far along with the screws without inserting the foam as it can get pretty snug.
  • Continue along all the way to the other end inserting the foam tube firmly against the previous one as you go. You will probably need to measure and cut the foam and fabric at this point to finish up and match the opposite end. A good pair of scissors or blade will be required at this point. Finish securing the final screws.
  • With the remaining fabric and foam tube you will be able to fill in the end gaps. Typically by cutting the desired length of tube, usually 8" or less and then cutting it in half (lengthwise) you can come up with a size that will give you the desired fit. Estimate the thickness needed before cutting so you do not cut it too small.
  • Fit and then cut the remaining fabric to a size that will hold the cut portions of tube in the desired locations. Note, Sometimes it is necessary to staple these small end pieces closed and glue them down to the cement floor with liquid nails or similar.

Installation Instructions​

Please read instructions thoroughly before starting. You will be glad that you did!

Filling The Gap one Hangar at a time